Keyshawn Johnson Chased After Justin Bieber’s Speeding Ferrari

justin beiber vs keyshawn johnson

Keyshawn Johnson doesn’t care who you are.  If you are speeding past him and driving dangerously around him while he has his child in the car, he will chase you down and confront you, face-to-face.  Justin Bieber learned this lesson the hard way, as TMZ is reporting that he was chased by Johnson’s Prius after speeding by the former NFLer at ridiculously high speeds on Monday night inside an exclusive gated community in Calabasas, California.

After witnessing the 19-year-old’s erratic driving, Keyshawn dropped his child off at home and eventually caught up to Bieber outside the pop-star’s mansion.  But when he got out to confront him, a frightened Biebs quickly retreated into his home and refused to come out.

And, apparently, Keyshawn Johnson isn’t the first NFLer to take note of Bieber’s reckless ways on the road, as Eric Dickerson, who also lives in Calabasas, Tweeted the following:

eric dickerson tweet justin bieber speeding

If Bieber doesn’t want to get his ass kicked by a giant football player, he may want to slow his ass down while driving through his own neighborhood.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]


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