France’s Alexandre Coeff Scores Amazing Scorpion Kick Goal Vs. USA (Video)

alexandre coeff scorpion kick goal

Chances are you’ve never heard of the Toulon Tournament, which takes place each year in France’s Region-du-Var.  The reason why you’ve probably never heard about this annual international soccer tournament is because it is not run under the supervision of UEFA, and it features players under the age of 21.  And to top things off, the game is 10 minutes shorter, with each half being only 40 minutes.

But just because this tournament is rather meaningless and pretty much ignored by the general public, that doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of producing some noteworthy highlights every now and then.

That is exactly what happened during Tuesday’s opening game between France and USA.  With the game still scoreless in the 39th minute, France’s Alexandre Coeff broke the deadlock with an incredible scorpion kick golazo.

Check it out:

That goal by Coeff seemed to spark his fellow Frenchmen, who responded with another three goals, en route to the 4-1 victory.

France has won 11 of the 40 Toulon Tournaments that have taken place, and if first impressions are to be trusted, they appear to be in good enough form to take a serious run at their 12th title this year.

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