NASCAR Fan Gets Slapped by Female for Throwing Beer as Jimmie Johnson (Video)

chick slaps guy in face throwing beer on race track

What is worse: throwing a beer onto the track at a NASCAR race, or slapping your boyfriend for throwing his beer onto the track at a NASCAR race?

That’s a tough one, isn’t it? I mean, on the one hand, you should never hit your significant other. On the other hand, slapping your boyfriend isn’t putting anyone’s life in danger. Throwing a full can of beer onto a race track (or onto a baseball field) very well could.

So I guess you’d have to conclude that throwing the beer is worse, and that, technically, it still doesn’t mean you should slap your boyfriend.

I bring all this up, of course, because this exact scenario played out in the stands at the 2013 NASCAR Spring All-Star Race last Saturday, May 18. While Jimmie Johnson was doing victory donuts, an angry drunken idiot thew a full beer at him, which prompted the woman we assume was his girlfriend to smack him in the face while asking, “are you a f**king idiot?!”

Take a look:

The part of me that yearns for equality of the sexes says what the woman did was repugnant and ought not to be tolerated, just as it would not be tolerated if the man were the one slapping her.

However, the realist in me says, yeah, he had that coming. Good for her.

I guess I’m just a conflicted individual.

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