Behind-the-Scenes Video: LFL Locker Rooms are an Emotional Mess (Video)

lfl locker room behind-the-scenes

The LFL doesn’t just sell sports. They sell sports entertainment. If people want to watch football, with the passing and the running and the tackling, they’ll watch the NFL or NCAA. They come to the LFL for something more…and, of course, something less. That’s why the LFL spends just about as much time and effort promoting itself with behind-the-scenes features as it does on the actual games. This behind-the-scene stuff isn’t just bonus material and filler. It’s the main event.

Now, in the past, the LFL has had some big misses. A few months back they put out a video of a coach going on a ridiculous locker room tirade featuring some offensive language that got them some negative press (though, one might argue that, for the LFL, any press is good press).  However, it seems the league’s PR department is ironing out some of the kinks, because the video we have today is actually kind of interesting. It’s a behind-the-scenes look and what went down in the locker room during a recent game between the Jacksonville Breeze and Baltimore Charm and, for once, the stuff people are saying and doing actually looks genuine.

Now, I’m not saying it is genuine. But it looks genuine. And that’s an improvement.

Also, yes, there are women in skimpy outfits. So take a look:

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