Check Out This Four-Second Knockout from an Amateur MMA Fight (Video)

4 second mma knockout

What was the reason I don’t do MMA again? Oh, right. I have a fear of getting kicked in the head that overrides my desire to kick others in the head.

Unfortunately, this fear is not as strong in everyone as it is in me—and that is how we get videos of four-second MMA knockouts.

The one we have for you today comes from an amateur event called GetDown 6, which was held in Santa Ana, California, this past Sunday. The dude who gets knocked out by a Brazil kick just four seconds in is 21-year-old McLaine McKinnon of Fight Strong Finish Strong MMA. The dude doing the knocking out is 24-year-old Garrett Whitman of the Tomacelli Academy.

Take a look:

McLaine, buddy, I think I speak for everyone when I say, whatever your day job is, please do not quit. You do not have a future in MMA.

Also, what the hell is wrong with your parents? McLaine McKinnon? Do people call you Mic-Mic?

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