Tim Knoll’s BMX Bike Tricks Will Blow Your Minds (Video)

tim knoll bmx bike tricks

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if someone combined flatland and parkour?

No, of course you didn’t. In fact, I’m reasonably certain that you have absolutely no idea what flatland and parkour are.

You see, “flatland” is what they call BMX freestyling—doing crazy tricks and stunts on a BMX bike while on a flat surface. Parkour, meanwhile, is that thing where people run and jump over and off of various objects, from buildings to street lamps to cars (you know…this.)

So what would a combination of flatland and parkour look like? Well, thanks to a guy in Milwaukee named Tim Knoll—who really ought to be world famous—now we know.

Take a look:

Tim, I don’t know if you have a day job or not, but if you do, you can definitely go ahead and quit that. You need to be doing this stuff full time. I’d pay to watch this on an IMAX screen for sure.

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