Arvind Mahankali Is the Least Impressed Scripps National Spelling Champ Ever (Video + GIF)

spelling bee champ arvind mahaknali

Is spelling a sport? No, it’s not. However, it is on ESPN, just like poker, and that kind of makes it “sports news.”

Of course, even if the spelling bee wasn’t on ESPN, we might still be showing you this clip of the 2013 National Spelling Bee championship word today. And the reason for that is this: the winner, 13-year-old Arvind Mahankali, celebrated like a boss.

After correctly spelling the word “knaidel,” confetti started falling from the ceiling and cameras cut to his family in the audience, who were overjoyed. As for Arvind himself? He acted like it was no big deal. Kid was like, “Oh what, did I win? Cool. Yeah, I figured I would.”

Take a look:

So what’s this kid’s deal? Has we won the National Spelling Bee before? Nope. He finished third the last two years. So you would have thought he’d be pretty pumped.

Then again, he’s also had a lot of time to think about what he’d do if he took home the title. So maybe “nonchalant” was the plan all along.

“Oh, confetti. Whatever.”

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