The Evolution of Tiger Woods’ Golf Swing in One GIF


It kind of happened right underneath our noses, but after a four-year hiatus, Tiger Woods is once again the greatest golfer in the world. Sure, he still hasn’t won a major since 2008. But the guy has won four out of the first seven tournaments played this season, and if he wins the Memorial for the sixth time this weekend, he’ll have accomplished something even he has never done: win five tournaments before the U.S. Open.

So Tiger isn’t just back. He’s better than ever. However, he is not the same.

You see, the secret to Tiger’s success is, and always has been, Tiger’s evolution. A good golf swing is not just about having perfect mechanics. It’s about finding the perfect mechanics for you. And what makes that tricky is that, as years pass, you change.

That’s why pro golfers have swing coaches—to fine tune their swings. Maybe their knees aren’t as stable in their mid-30s as they were in their mid-20s. Maybe they’ve put on a few pounds. Maybe they’ve lost a few pounds. And maybe, like Tiger, they’ve bulked up a bit. The point is, golf swings have to change, and Tiger has always been one of the best at figuring this out.

So, would you like to see exactly how Tiger’s swing has evolved over the years? Well, here’s an amazing GIF courtesy of sports blogger Adam Sarson:

tiger woods swing evolution

Not bad, huh?

Hat Tip – [Devil Ball]

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