Heat Win, But Bosh Gets Owned by Roy Hibbert (Video + GIF)

bosh rejected by hibbert

Well, the Heat won last night. That puts them just one win away from the superteams’s third straight trip to the finals and a shot at defending their title.

How does everyone feel about that? Excited? Dejected?

Well, I could be wrong, but if I had to guess I’d say about two-thirds of you are disgusted by this. You find LeBron James and company pretty much unbearable, and would like nothing more than to see them ousted by the Indiana Pacers.

After that, there is another one-sixth of you who don’t care at all. You are hockey fans.

And finally, there are those of you out there who are saying, “YEEEAH BABY, GO HEAT!!!”

Now, personally, I’ve got nothing against you Heat fans. If you want to root for the Heat instead of against them, great. However, right now I’m going to pander to the majority by talking about the silver lining from last night’s game: intergalactic space prince Chris Bosh getting rejected by Roy Hibbert.

While it didn’t affect the outcome of the game in the end, at the time the Pacers were up by one and it certainly kept them in it.  Plus, who doesn’t love seeing the Boshtrich get owned?

Here’s the video:

And here’s the GIF:

bosh rejected by hibbert

Am I the only one who imagines Roy Hibbert doing this everytime something like this happens?

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