The 12 NBA Players Who Have Been Fined for Flopping in 2012-13…So Far

nba flopping fines 2012-13

This week, LeBron James said that, while he doesn’t see anything wrong with flopping, he himself doesn’t need to flop. You know—because he’s LeBron James.

Unfortunately, people who like to watch basketball tend to have working eyeballs, so we all know that LeBron is quite an avid flopper. And now the NBA has come out and said as much, too, by fining King James $5,000 for his floppery.

Of course, this is all part of the NBA’s gallant effort to stamp out the scourge of flopping from the game. During the regular season, players got one warning—i.e., one flop, on the house—before getting fined $5K. Now, during the playoffs, the league has done away with the freebies. Any player who flops now gets a fine straight off, with penalties increasing for subsequent violations.

Is all this working? Well, not yet. The average NBA player makes almost $63,000 per game, so the fines are going to have to get a little steeper to make ’em feel it. But it’s certainly a nice PR move on the NBA’s part, and is does help draw attention to the embarrassing flopping phenomenon.

In any case, today, in honor His Royal Majesty getting hit with a $5,000 fine for LeFlopping, we’re going to take a look at every single one of the flops that drew fines from the league this year. They were not the only offenses and they certainly were not the worst offensives, but they did get the most attention. Check ’em out.

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