German Goalkeeper Scores Humiliating Own Goal During Friendly Against the USA (Video)

german goalie own goal

When I played soccer as a kid, they always put the kids who couldn’t kick or dribble in goal and prayed that, on occasion, they could at least manage to put themselves between the ball and the net.

Apparently they take the same approach on the German national team.

On Sunday afternoon in Washington DC, USA hosted Germany in an international friendly. The game was supposed to serve as a tune-up before an upcoming round of important World Cup Qualifiers for both teams, so nobody was expecting an all-out effort from either side. However, nobody expected the fourth-string German goalie, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, to let a slow-rolling pass from his own defender roll right by him and into the net, either. I mean, it was a “friendly” match, but that didn’t mean he needed to be that friendly and give the Americans a gift.

Take a look at one of the worst own goals you’ll ever see:

So I guess that explains how ter Stegen ended up as a goalie in the first place. His ball-handling abilities seem to be a little lacking, and after this I don’t think ter Stegen will be moving up on the depth chart anytime soon. Poor bastard.

And in case you were wondering, the USA would go on to win 4-2, defeating Germany for the first time since 1999.

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