LeBron James Was Flopping Again, and the Pacers Fans Let Him Hear About It (Video + GIF)

lebron flop game 6 heat pacers

Oh LeBron. So much talent, so little ability to stop being a wiener.

Last week, after a ridiculous display of flopping during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, the NBA got serious and fined three players—LeBron James and two guys on the Pacers not named LeBron James—for flopping. The bill: $5,000 a piece.

Obviously, LeBron just can’t afford more fines like that, so he’s eliminated the flop from his repertoire of dirty basketball tricks, right?

Yeah, that’s funny. No. LeBron was right back at the floppin’ in Game 6 on Saturday. So when the Pacers’ Paul George kind of bumped into James at the top of the key, this happened:

Or, if you prefer animated GIFs with multiple angles, here:

lebron flopping game 6 vs pacers (multiple angles)

Yep, that was a flop alright. Will the league be fining James $10,000 for this (his second) infraction, as per the anti-flopping rules they’ve set up? Probably not. But the Pacers fans in attendance for Game 6 certainly made sure to point the situation out to everyone watching at home:

Sure, these fans completely ignored the fact that two of their own players were also fined for flopping after Game 4, and that 25% of the players fined for flopping in 2012-13 are Pacers. But can you blame them? When you get the opportunity to chant “HE’S A FLOPPER!” at King James, you take it.

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