Only in Texas: Rangers and Royals Players Compete In Cow Milking Contest (Video)

Ranch Day at Rangers Ballpark cow milking contest

If I told you that real life professional baseball players recently took part in an egg-tossing and cow-milking contest before a game as part of a promotion called “Ranch Day,” you would probably assume this was at some single-A ballpark where they also have donut-wrapped hot dogs and 40-ounce beers served in sombreros—you know, a place where they’ll do pretty much anything to put butts in the seats.

But no. The “Ranch Day” to which I’m referring took place on Saturday at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington prior to the game between first-place Texas and last-place Kansas City. First the Rangers’ Justin Grimm and Derek Holland took on the Royals’ Elliot Johnson and Chris Getz in an egg-tossing contest. Then the Rangers’ Robbie Ross took on the Royals’ George Kottaras in a cow-milking contest.

I am not kidding. This happened—and the Royals won.

Take a look:

How many teams do you think would have agreed to do this with the Rangers? I mean, could you imagine the Yankees taking part in Ranch Day? Derek Jeter milking a cow? CC Sabathia tossing eggs?

No, I’m thinking the Royals might just be the only other team in the American League that would have agreed to do this. In fact, they probably practiced these skills for weeks just for that rare chance to win at something.

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