Boxer Taunts Opponent, Promptly Gets Knocked Out Cold (Video)

miguel zuniga knocked out

I’m not a boxing expert or anything, but I imagine one of the cardinal rules of the sport would have to be something like, “when you have your opponent on the ropes, don’t let up in order to taunt him.” Unfortunately, nobody ever told this to Miguel Zuniga, and he’s obviously not one of our regular readers. So on Saturday night, he figured it out all on his own—the hard way.

Zuniga was taking on a guy named Daquan Arnett in a junior middleweight bout in Florida on Saturday, and at one point he was putting some good pressure on Arnett, getting his back to the ropes. But apparently Zuniga didn’t find the competition satisfying enough, so he paused his assault, stepped back, and motioned for Arnett to come at him.

Seconds later, Arnett knocked Zuniga out with a solid left hook right on the chin.

Take a look:

Oh, silly pugilist.

Zuniga would make it back up to his feet before the referee finished his count. However, he wasn’t very steady on his feet, so his corner threw in the towel while the referee was still giving him the twice-over.


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