College Baseball Player Takes 70 MPH Slider to the Groin (Video)

college baseball player hit in nuts by pitch

There are worse things than getting hit in the nuts by a 70 mph slider. For example, you could get hit in the nuts by an 80 mph slider. Or a 95 mph fastball. Or a hockey puck. Or a soccer cleat.

Still, my theory is that getting hit in the junk by a 70 mph slider probably isn’t fun. And if anyone is interested in testing that theory, you can go ask Cal State Fullerton baseball player Austin Kingsolver. During an NCAA Regional playoff game between Cal State Fullerton and Arizona State on Sunday night, a 3-2 pitch from ASU pitcher Josh McAlister got a little too far inside and plunked the kid right where it counts.

Luckily his protective cup did its job, so Kingsolver was able to walk it off. But he’ll probably still have nightmares about this for weeks.

Take a look:

Did you see all the high fives and hugs McAlister received when he got back to the ASU dugout?

Man, those Sun Devils are some sick bastards.

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