Flo Rida’s Manager Got Ejected From Game 7 Between the Pacers and Heat Last Night (Video)

flo rida game 7 heat pacers

Well, Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals didn’t go as most of us had hoped. Most of us wanted either an Indiana win or, if nothing else, a tight and exciting game. Instead, we got a 23-point blowout victory for the Heat, making the final few minutes of the game a formality, rather than an action-packed roller coaster ride.

That being said, there were a few fireworks. With the game decided, both teams put their less-used players out on the floor. And, for no discernible reason, two of these less-used players—Indiana’s Jeff Pendergraph and Miami’s Norris Cole—got into a shoving and finger-pointing squabble that got them ejected.

Oh, and a loud and obnoxious fan also got ejected for harassing Pendergraph. That guy? Yeah, he was Flo Rida’s manager.

Take a look at the video. Immediately after the Pendergraph-Cole dispute begins, you’ll notice Mr. Rida’s manager standing up and getting involved from his court-side seat:

Of course, the actual incident isn’t really as amusing as TNT’s reporting on it. First, you have Craig Sager reporting in his leisure suit from right behind Flo Rida. Then there was the guy who kept calling him Flo Rider.

Nice work, everyone.

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