Paul Bissonnette Reunites Tourist with Lost Wallet by Tweeting Picture of It (Video)

bissonette tweets pic of wallet

Most of the time, if you lose your wallet while on vacation, it’s gone for good. However, one lucky dude recently caught one hell of a break while vacationing in the greater Phoenix area: his lost wallet was found by a dude with 400,000 Twitter followers.

Ryan Bodnar started his vacation on a sour note when he left his wallet in the back of a cab in Scottsdale on Saturday. However, it just so happened that the next person in the cab was none other than the NHL’s #1 tweeter, Paul Bissonnette of the Phoenix Coyotes. So rather than just leave the wallet with the cabbie, BizNasty tweeted a picture of it with the guy’s name to his 400,000 followers. And since Bodnar is Canadian (and all Canadians follow every NHL player on Twitter), he was reunited with his wallet within 24 hours.

It’s a pretty cool story.

So there you go. Paul Bissonnette doesn’t just use Twitter for our amusement. He also uses Twitter to do good deeds. He’s a Good Twitter Samaritan.

Hat Tip – [Fox Phoenix]

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