MLB Looking to Suspend 20 Players for PEDs, Including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun

ryan braun ped scandal

Good news for people who don’t like cheaters: it looks like Ryan Braun might not get away with it after all.

According to ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Major League Baseball is seeking to suspend around 20 players for the use of performance-enhancing drugs received from the Biogenesis of America clinic founded by Tony Bosch.

Bosch, of course, has been in the news since he was linked to the first 50-game PED suspension of Manny Ramirez back in 2009. MLB investigators tried then to get the DEA to look into his clinic, but they wouldn’t bite. Then, last summer, when several players with ties to the Miami area tested positive for excessive testosterone—Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, and Yasmani Grandal—Bosch’s name came up again. And this time MLB investigators went to South Florida themselves to do some digging.

What they were able to dig up, thanks to former Biogenesis employees, were various documents with lots of names. What they were not able to prove, however, was why these names were in Biogenesis files.

So what’s changed? Well, it seems Tony Bosch is ready to sing like a canary. He knows he’s looking at some legal trouble now, and he’s trying to help MLB so that they will “put in a good word with any law enforcement agency that might bring charges,” according to ESPN. Thus, Bosch is going to sit down with MLB officials in New York this Friday, go through all the names, and confirm which ones were in fact buying performance enhancing drugs from his clinic.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this whole thing is what MLB is reportedly going to do about it. Apparently they don’t like getting lied to and strung around by shady d-bags, so, according to one source familiar with the case, they might seek 100-game suspensions for A-Roid, Braun, and a few other players.

Now, as you probably know, MLB gives 50-game bans for the first PED “offense” and 100-game bans for the second. However, it is believed that in this case they’re going to try to argue that the players’ connection to Biogenesis and use of PEDs is one offense, and that their lying about it to investigators in the second. Will that hold up when the suspensions go before arbitrators? It is a pretty liberal interpretation of the rules and, more importantly, whatever evidence the league gets from Bosch will not be biological. So the likelihood of 100-game suspensions being upheld is not very high.

One thing is certain, though: MLB is not messing around anymore. They don’t like Rodriguez and they don’t like Braun, so they’re going to do everything they can to ruin them—which is pretty badass…unless you’re a Brewers fan. (Yankees fans, by contrast, are probably on board with this whole thing.)

Here is the full list of players named in Biogenesis files:

Ryan Braun (Brewers)
Everth Cabrera (Padres)
Melky Cabrera (Blue Jays)
Francisco Cervelli (Yankees)
Bartolo Colon (Athletics)
Nelson Cruz (Rangers)
Fautino de los Santos (Free Agent)
Gio Gonzalez (Nationals) – reportedly received only legal substances
Yasmani Grandal (Padres)
Fernando Martinez (Astros)
Jesus Montero (Mariners)
Jordan Norberto (Free Agent)
Jhonny Peralta (Tigers)
Cesar Puello (Mets Minor Leaguer)
Alex Rodriguez (Yankees)

Some of these players, like Gio Gonzalez, may be vindicated. Others, like Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon, might not face further suspensions because they have already been suspended. And of course, still other names might eventually turn up—maybe even a few other superstars.

Stay tuned. This will be interesting.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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