Not Pumped for the NBA Finals? This Ad from ABC Might Help (Video)

nba finals animated promo (LeBron James)

What’s a professional sports championship without a slick, sentimental promotional advertisement? Not much, apparently. Last month, CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada dropped a nice ad for the Stanley Cup Playoffs that tugged at a fan’s heartstrings. Now ESPN and ABC have come up with one promoting their coverage of the NBA Finals.

The ad features stylized animated versions of great plays from the history of the NBA Finals by London-based animator Richard Swarbrick. Jordan, Magic, Bird, James, Duncan, Erving—they’re just some of the legends immortalized in the spot, which is set to a song called, “Save Your Season” (which ESPN characterizes as “triumphant”) by Mint Julep.

Check it out:

Kind of makes you excited for the NBA Finals, doesn’t it? Good thing they start on Thursday.

Anyway, here’s the big question of the day: which ad do you like better? The NBA Finals promo from ABC/ESPN, or the Stanley Cup Playoffs promo from the NHL?

Personally, I think I’m going to go with the NBA spot. The artwork is excellent, and you have to love how it opens with Willis Reed coming out of the tunnel. I will admit, however, that the NHL ad pretty much had me from the opening notes of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley.”

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