Genoa C.F.C. President Kicks Photographer, Smashes His Camera (Video)

genoa president kick reporter

Genoa C.F.C is one of the lesser known clubs from Italy’s top flight soccer division, Serie A.  Their last significant title came back in 1937, when they won their only Italian Cup.  And this season they finished in 17th out of 20 teams, barely avoiding relegation.  That would be one of the reasons why the club receives such a minimal amount of attention.

The other reason, we assume, has something to do with the manner in which their President reacts when the team does receive any media attention.

We were provided with a look at just that recently, as a photographer who confronted Genoa President Enrico Preziosi on the street on Tuesday—amidst reports that the owner may be looking to sell the club—was greeted with a kick to the shins and a broken camera.

Check it out:

Ruthless?  Perhaps, but still, Preziosi is not nearly as ruthless as the Genoa fans.

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