Think ‘Delay of Game for Puck Over the Glass’ Is the Stupidest Penalty in Hockey? This Song Is Dedicated to You (Video)

puck over glass song TSN

Are you an NHL fan? Then lets take a quick quiz. What is the most painful and infuriating penalty your team can take?

My hunch is that about 30% of you said “too many men on the ice,” while the rest said “delay of game.”

I mean, the rule seems totally fine when you think about it objectively, far removed from an actual game. You shoot the puck over the glass in your own end, you get two minutes in the box. It’s not subject to a referee’s interpretation.  Rather, it’s universally applied to everyone. Moreover, over time, it will work to your team’s advantage just as much as it works to their detriment. That’s just the law of averages.

However, in the middle of an important game, when it happens to your team, it absolutely does not feel that way at all. At that moment, while you are jumping up and down and pulling your hair out, the delay-of-game rule is the stupidest rule in the history of sports.

The folks over at TSN (basically ESPN Canada) feel your pain. And they’ve made an entire song and music video about it. Take a look:

For real, NHL. Get rid of this rule.

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