The World Shin-Kicking Championship Is a Real Thing (Video)

shin-kicking championships

If you thought chasing wheels of cheese down a hill was weird, wait till you hear about this.

Recently in Gloucestershire, England, thousands of spectators gathered on a hillside to watch the 401st shin-kicking championships at a festival of weird sports, called the “Cotswold Olimpicks.” And yes, shin-kicking is exactly what it sounds like. The sport involves two people kicking at each other’s shins until the other falls down. The kicking is done with shoes, and the protective gear is decidedly retro—as much hay as a competitor can stuff inside his pant legs.

Sounds brutal, right? Well it is in a way. But the sport ends up being more about endurance than shear physical violence. Most often guys are knocked down, not because a blow is particularly forceful, but because they are tired and off-balance.

Take a look:

The winner of this year’s shin-kickin’ championship, whom you saw there at the end of the video, was a 32-year-old Englishman named Ben Corfield.

“This is quite possibly the worst day of my life, and probably the best,” the civil engineer said after his big victory. “I feel terrible, but also feel great.”

Um, yeah.  Sounds about right.

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