Dick Vitale to Eva Longoria: “Your ex is AWESOME BABY”

dick vitale and eva longoria - weird twitter convo

The always entertaining and possibly mentally ill Dick Vitale has been going nuts on Twitter, raving about the San Antonio Spurs since they took Game 1 of the NBA Finals last night. “POPOVICH is flat out THE BEST COACH in all of PRO SPORTS!” was one tweet. “TIM DUNCAN is greatest POWER forward EVER TO PLAY,” was another.

Of course, Vitale’s best tweet was directed not at any of the players or coaches involved in the game, but at one of the players’ ex-wife. And yes, I’m talking about Eva Longoria.

Last night the gorgeous Hollywood A-lister tweeted her support for the Spurs, and Vitale gave an amazingly awkward response. Check it out:

longoria go spurs go vitale response
Yeah, I’m not even sure what is weirder: (A) the fact that Eva Longoria is publicly rooting for the San Antonio Spurs, despite her messy divorce from her cheating ex, Tony Parker; or (B) the fact that Dick Vitale felt the need to remind Longoria just how awesome her cheating ex is.

Now, it’s true that Longoria is from Texas, so she probably was a Spurs fan before getting married to Parker. But still, I can’t imagine even indirectly rooting for my cheating ex to succeed at anything.

As for Dicki V…well, actually, his tweet seems pretty much right in line with his character.

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