Tony Who? Giant Breasts Steal Spotlight at Game 1 of NBA Finals (GIF)

Miami Heat fan boobs

If you didn’t watch Game 1 of the NBA Finals last night, you missed out. And I’m not even talking about the game itself, which featured an incredible shot by Tony Parker to seal the deal with five seconds left in the game. No, I’m talking about the gigantic deposits of precious South Beach silicon that were visible behind San Antonio Spurs GM R.C. Buford. They got a lot of camera time and pretty much hijacked any conversation about the game on Twitter.

Here’s what you missed:

nba finals cleavage gif

And here’s a little snippet of the reaction on Twitter:

twitter reaction nba finals boobs

I think @TauDaniels pretty much hits the nail on the head, doesn’t she? Either this woman has money, which is how she could afford to purchase that impressive rack, or she scrimped and saved to purchase that rack knowing it would open a lot of doors for her.

Or, I guess she could just be a basketball fan?

Nah, she obviously planted herself there in an effort to distract the Heat’s opponents. Teams are doing that for big games all the time now.

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