Jason Collins Throws Out First Pitch at Red Sox Game (Video)

jason collins first pitch red sox game

A couple months back, NBA free agent Jason Collins made history when he came out as gay in a Sports Illustrated article, thus becoming the first openly gay pro athlete in United State professional sports. It was a pretty big deal, and it elicited both criticism and praise.

Of course, one of the most notable public responses to Collins on Twitter was from the Boston Red Sox. Here’s what they said:

Boston Red Sox Jason Collins gay
Now, part of me says that was a really nice showing of support from one of the most important pro sports teams in the world. The other part of me wishes that simply admitting one’s sexual orientation didn’t have to be cause for celebration—that saying, “hey, I like dudes,” didn’t have to be cause for fanfare.

But the situation is what it is. And on Thursday night in Boston, the Red Sox made good on their word, bringing Jason Collins to Fenway to throw out the ceremonial first pitch to manager John Farrell.

Take a look:

So does that make Jason Collins the first openly gay pitcher in baseball?

Yeah, probably not. But you have to hand it to the guy. He looked a little tense out there, but he got it over the plate and he threw from the mound. You can’t ask for much more than that.  John Wall would probably agree.

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