Some Kid Stole a Ball from a Smoking Hot Blonde at the Royals Game Last Night (Video)

kid steals ball from hot chick at royals game

If you expect a Major League Baseball player to toss you a foul ball at a baseball game, you’d better make sure you’re either a cute kid of a smoking hot chick.

Hey, don’t blame me. I don’t make the rules. I just report the facts.

Anyway, last night in Kansas City, during the Royals-Twins game at Kauffman Stadium, there was one particularly attractive female Royals fan sitting in the front row behind the KC dugout. After the top of the fourth inning, while the Royals were heading into the dugout, she managed to make eye contact with whoever had the ball and persuaded the guy to toss it to her—not that he really needed much persuading. However, just as she was about to catch her souvenir, a little kid—who had been lurking down in front like a tiger stalking a gazelle—leaped up in front of her and grabbed the ball.

Take a look:

As you can see, her lucky-as-hell boyfriend thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious. However, I feel kind of bad for her. Did you see her eyes light up when she saw the ball coming at her? She was like a kid on Christmas.

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