Phil Jackson Picked the Spurs Over the Heat Back in May (Video)

phil jackson nba finals prediction

This morning, a lot of people who were sure the Miami Heat would prevail over the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals are probably experiencing some doubt. Behind some excellent defense and a remarkable individual effort from Tony Parker, the Spurs beat the Heat in front of a raucous Miami crowd to take a 1-0 series lead and put all the pressure on LeBron James and the defending champs.

You know who’s not surprised, though? Legendary coach/zen master Phil Jackson.  He who owns 13 NBA championship rings (two as a player, eleven as a coach) was signing books at a Borders some book store in Ridgewood, New Jersey, back on May 22, when a fan asked who would win a Spurs-Heat Finals. His answer? The Spurs, of course.

Take a look:

So there you go. The Heat are doomed. DOOMED! Phil Jackson picked the Spurs, and Phil Jackson knows what he’s talking about. He’s never lost a big series…except in 2004 and 2008, when his Lakers lost in the Finals…and 2003, when they lost in the second round…to the Spurs.

Seriously, though, if you have one of those cool bookies that lets you change your bets, I would go ahead and give him a call. The Spurs are a lock!

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