Chad Johnson Slaps His Lawyer’s Butt in Courtroom, Receives 30 Days in Jail (GIF)

chad johnson slap laywers butt

Chad Johnson, formerly known as “Chad Ochocinco,” had a deal in place with prosecutors that would have allowed him to take part in community service and counselling, while avoiding jail time, as part of his sentence for violating probation—which was the result of a domestic violence charge he received for headbutting his then-wife, Evelyn Lozada, last August.

It was believed that Johnson would receive an additional three months probation from Broward County Circuit Judge Kathleen McHugh, but before handing the former Pro-Bowl wide receiver his sentence, she asked him if he was satisfied with his lawyer, Adam Swickle.

Chad answered the question by doing the following:

Chad Johnson slaps laywer's butt

Yeah, that was Chad Johnson patting his attorney on the rear.  And while that drew quite a few laughs from those seated in the courtroom, it also drew the ire of Judge McHugh, who responded to the act by stating the following:

“I don’t know that you’re taking this whole thing seriously. I just saw you slap your attorney on the backside. Is there something funny about this?  The whole courtroom was laughing. I’m not going to accept these plea negotiations. This isn’t a joke.”

Johnson quickly realized what he had gotten himself into with his ass-slap, and told the judge, “”This is your courtroom. I have no intent to make this a joke. It’s not funny.”  He went on to add, “My life is in a shambles right now and I try my best to laugh and keep a smile on my face.”

Unfortunately, his plea seemed to fall on deaf ears, as the judge refused to backtrack on her previous statement, and instead, sentenced Johnson to 30 days in jail, making that butt slap one of the most costly butt slaps in butt-slapping history.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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