LeBron James’ Block on Tiago Splitter During Game 2 of the NBA Finals Was Ridiculous (Video)

lebron james block on tiago splitter

With the balky knees of Dwyane Wade and the mysteriously flat performance of Chris Bosh, lately the defending champs have looked a little more like the 2007 Cleveland Cavaliers—i.e., a team that depends entirely on LeBron James—than the 2013 Miami Heat that won 27 straight games during the regular season.

Of course, this was certainly not the case last night. That 2007 Cavaliers team didn’t win a game in the 2007 Finals against Tony Parker and the Spurs, but on Sunday night in Miami the Heat put together a great all-around team effort to crush San Antonio by 19 points and prove they are still the favorites.

However, it was still LeBron who led the way. His 17 points were two less than the 19 scored by Mario Chalmers, but James also contributed eight rebounds, seven assists, three steals, two regular blocks, and one ridiculously epic block that will be remembered for a long, long time.

Want to see that one? Well, here you go:

Poor Tiago Splitter. Now the one thing that this Brazilian will be most famous for is getting absolutely demolished by LeBron James right at the rim.

Of course, if anyone can sympathize with Tiago, it’s Chris Bosh. He knows what that feels like.

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