Mike Tyson Performed With Neil Patrick Harris at the Tony Awards Last Night (Video)

mike tyson tony awards

If you’re visiting this site, chances are you probably opted to watch Game 2 of the NBA Finals or the Sunday Night Baseball match-up between the Cards and Reds, rather than the 2013 edition of the Tony Awards.  And while we do applaud your decision, we should also inform you that you did miss one noteworthy performance during the 67th edition of the award show that recognizes excellence in Broadway theatre.

That performance starred the show’s host, Neil Patrick Harris, and it featured a cameo from former heavyweight boxing champ and ear-tasting connoisseur, Mike Tyson.

Sure, Tyson’s appearance may have only lasted a few seconds (20 seconds, to be exact), but it’s still worth the watch for those who missed it.

Iron Mike makes his appearance at the 3:16 mark.  Check it out:

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