The New Ottawa CFL Franchise Has Been Officially Named the “RedBlacks”…Really (Video)

ottawa redblacks logo

After it was announced that Ottawa would be getting a new CFL franchise back in 2008, the new ownership group thought long and hard about what the team’s name should be. Unfortunately, it seems they either thought too long and too hard, or they did not think long and hard enough, because On Saturday afternoon they announced that the team will be called the Ottawa RedBlacks.

No, not the Ottawa Redbacks. That sounds like some sort of weird racial slur—one that might actually be preferable to the actual name, which is the RedBlacks.

So what’s the deal with this nonsense? Well, according to the team, it’s an attempt to honor the long and illustrious history (don’t laugh) of Ottawa’s sports teams.

Take a look:

Wow. Did all that English-French flip-flopping make you dizzy too? English with French subtitles. French with English subtitles. English with no subtitles, then repeated in French…we get it. You’re a bilingual city.

In any case, as you clearly saw, they decided to honor the tradition of all sports teams in Ottawa wearing red and black by just giving up on picking an actual name and going with RedBlacks. Never mind the fact that the Ottawa Buzzsaws would have been totally kickass, and that the logo could have been a big “O” with saw teeth on it.

In any case, here are some of the best fan reactions from the Twittersphere:

ottawa redblacks reaction
What’s your favorite? I think mine is “HelmetShoulderPads.”

Seriously, though, I’m sure this time pro football in Ottawa will totally work. The failure of the Ottawa Renegades (2002-05) was probably just a fluke.

(Can you see me rolling my eyes?)

Hat Tip – [CBC]

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