13 Athletes Who Were Busted For Weed

athletes busted for weed

On Friday, the Cleveland Indians’ All-Star closer, Chris Perez, was arrested and charged along with his wife for misdemeanor drug possession. Cops were tipped off by United States Postal Service employees that “suspicious” packages were being mailed to Brody, the couple’s dog, so they set up a little sting operation to catch them red-eyed and red-handed.

Of course, Chris Perez is hardly the first athlete known to have a fondness for Mary Jane, and he’s definitely not the first to get busted by the cops. So today we’ll run down some of the most notable cases of athletes getting nabbed for toking (or, in most cases, just possessing) marijuana. They aren’t necessarily the biggest pot-heads in sports, but they are perhaps the least careful potheads in sports.

So enjoy. But remember, kids: don’t do drugs or else you could wind up…a millionaire? No, that’s not right. Nevermind. Just read the list.


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