Amateur Polish Soccer Players Celebrate By Diving Into Puddles (Video)

goal celebration jumps in puddle

We cover creative soccer goal celebrations a lot here at TotalProSports. But whether they involve elaborate choreography, kung fu kicks, the removal of pants, or even ass-wiping, they’re almost always from professional leagues. And if there is a rare exception, it usually involved a really cute kid. We hardly ever see remarkable goal celebrations from full-grown adult amateur soccer players.

The reasons for this should be obvious, really. For one thing, the goals scored in recreational adult soccer leagues aren’t very important, and thus don’t elicit sudden outpourings of joy from the people who score them. And then, if you did engage in a wild celebration, the other team would probably respond by hacking at your shins like there’s no tomorrow.

Today, however, we have a great goal celebration from an adult recreational soccer league in Poland. I won’t bother describing it, because you’ll figure out exactly what is going to happen as soon as the clip starts playing (if the title didn’t already give it away).

Take a look:

Puddle-diving: that’s one you won’t see in many pro leagues.

Nice work, gentlemen.

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