A-Hole Argentine Soccer Player Gets Red Card for Animal Cruelty (Video)

argentine soccer player animal cruelty

You’ve probably never seen somebody get a red card for animal cruelty before. Unfortunately, there is a first time for everything.

During a recent fourth-tier match between Argentinian clubs San Juan and Belle Vista, a stray dog ran out onto the field, interrupting the match. Normally when that kind of thing happens, hilarity ensues. However, in this case, a player from Belle Vista named Jose Jimenez decided to pick the dog up by its neck and throw it over the barricade separating the stands from the pitch—only, he didn’t throw the dog high enough to make it over the fence, so it just hit the thing and bounced right back onto the field.

Fortunately, it looks as though the pooch was no worse for wear after the incident. However, that did not stop the crowd from throwing beer and various other items at the jerk, and it did not stop the referee from issuing a red card.

Here’s video of the disturbing scene:

I think Jose just became the new poster boy for anti-animal cruelty campaigns everywhere.

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