Here’s 9 Minutes Of Bill Belichick Dodging Questions about Tim Tebow at Today’s Press Conference (Video)

Bill Belichick press conference tim tebow

Unlike ESPN, Bill Belichick would rather not talk about Tim Tebow.

That was quite evident during his press conference earlier today, as Belichick dipped, ducked and dived around every Tim Tebow question that reporters could throw at him over the course of nine minutes.  Belichick must have been prepared for the heavy barrage of Tebow questions after the Pats signed the free agent quarterback Tuesday morning, because he had some of his best stuff ready—”Tim’s a talented player that’s smart and works hard,” “we’re all gonna do our jobs the best that we can,” and of course, “we’re going to do what’s best for our football team.”

Check it out (and pay close attention to the guy asking the question at the 1:20 mark):

“Coach, I cover politics for a T.V. station in New Hampshire and I’m here today…”  Thanks for the info buddy, but this is a press conference.  Not an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

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