Tim Tebow to the Patriots Must Have Brady Shaking in His Fur-Lined Uggs

tim tebow

According to ESPN, the New England Patriots are about to sign Tim Tebow, and he’ll be participating in the teams’s mandatory minicamp today…as a quarterback.

Of course, it was just last week that reports starting floating around the net that coach Bill Bilichick didn’t like Tebow and wanted nothing to do with him—and ESPN made sure to properly attribute that story to Yahoo! Sports. However, it’s now looking like the “organizational source” of that bit of gossip was just trying to gain some leverage on Tebow’s agent.

So what now? Well, given that Tom Brady has the safest starting QB job in the NFL, there is absolutely no chance that this could turn into a controversial fiasco the way it did with the Jets in New York. In fact, although the reports say Tebow will be playing quarterback, I’d say Tebow has a better chance of filling in for an injured Rob Gronkowski at tight end than starting a game over Mr. Bundchen. And would you really be all that surprised if Belichick tried Tebow at wide receiver, just in case his new Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, should break down? Pretty much anything is possible—except starting quarterback.

So RIP, Tim Tebow’s career as a starter. We hardly knew ye.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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