Lie Witness News: Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Fake Miami Heat Fans (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel fake miami heat fans

When any professional sports team makes a deep playoff run, you can always expect the bangwagon fans to be following not far behind.

The Miami Heat are no exception to this rule, and after making their third consecutive NBA Finals appearance, it may be fair to say that they have actually accumulated more bandwagon fans than the average sports team.

So, how to you weed out all of those bandwagon jumpers?  Simple!  You ask them trick questions about fake Miami Heat players and play it on a well known late night talk show so that everyone can point and laugh at them.  That is exactly what Jimmy Kimmel did to Heat fans as part of a recent segment called, “Lie Witness News.”

Check it out:

Yeah, that rombus offense always gives the peekaboo zone fits, especially when Librarius Booker is on the court.

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