J.J. Hardy Gets Robbed of a Home Run by Peter Bourjos, then Screwed Over by the Umpires on a Foul Ball (Videos)

bourjos amazing catch

Being from different divisions in the American League, the Baltimore Orioles and Anaheim Angels only play two series against each other every year—one in Anaheim, and one in Baltimore. So what are the chances that Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy would get robbed of a home run by a great catch by the center fielder for the Angels in 2012 and 2013?

I would say not very good. But it happened.

Last year, it was rookie sensation Mike Trout doing this:

And last night, it was Peter Bourjos doing this:

Crazy, right? J.J. Hardy must be feeling like he’s living in the Twilight Zone or something. And to make matters worse, later on in last night’s game, this happened to him:

That’s right. An Angels fan at Camden interfered with Trout’s attempt to make a catch, and the umpire ruled that Hardy was out? I think I speak for everyone—especially you good people in Baltimore—when I say WTF, man? If an O’s fan had interfered, I would say, “okay, call him out.” But the dude who got in the way was in a red cap and a f*$^&#@ Mike Trout jersey!

That’s just cold, ump.

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