Bruins Fan Receives Rude Welcoming at Rogers Centre During Jays Game (Video)

bruins fan booed jays game

The Boston Bruins are currently representing the Eastern Conference in the Stanley Cup Finals, but it wasn’t long ago that they found themselves down by three in the third period of a do-or-die Game 7 during their first-round playoff series against the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Bruins fans may have forgotten all about that after easily disposing of the Rangers and Penguins in five and four games, respectively, on their road to the finals, but I can tell you for a fact that the bitter taste of defeat is still strong in the mouths of Leaf fans.

My primary source of proof for the above statement would be my Leaf-fan-friends, who still try to tell me that simple logic states the Leafs would have been playing against the Blackhawks right now had they been able to hold on to their seemingly comfortable Game 7 lead.

As for my secondary source of proof, that would be the video below, which features an epic reaction from the Rogers Centre crowd as a Bruins fan in a Bergeron jersey walks down the aisle during a recent Jays game.

Check it out:

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that most Toronto hockey fans are cheering for the Blackhawks in this year’s Stanley Cup Finals.


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