MMA Fighter Pukes During Post-Fight Interview (Video)

mma fighter pukes during post-fight interview

There are lots of ways for the postgame interview to go awry, but they usually just involve f-bombs, other ill-advised comments, or people losing their cool.

MMA fighter Cliff Thompson, however, took post-game interview fails to a whole other level last Saturday after his three-round, split-decision victory over Doug Usher at Wild Bill’s Fight Night 57. While being interviewed after the grueling bout by George Kennebrew of MMA Mayhem, who calls himself the “MMA Encyclopedia,” Thompson can’t even give one answer before running off camera to vomit. Fortunately the cameras do not capture the actual spewage; however, Kennebrew’s reaction pretty much says it all.

Take a look:

I don’t know if Thompson was just exhausted, or if he didn’t select his pre-fight meal wisely. What I do know, however, is that he will always be known as the MMA guy who puked while getting interviewed.


Hat Tip – [Cage Writer]

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