Google Helps Boy With Disease Throw Out First Pitch at A’s Game From Kansas City (Video)

nick legrande google fibre first pitch

The boy in the above image is Nick LeGrande.  On Wednesday, Nick celebrated his 14th birthday, and as a gift, the Oakland A’s invited him to throw out the first pitch during their game against the New York Yankees at the Coliseum.

It was quite the treat from the Athletics organization, but making this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity happen would not be easy, as Nick suffers from a rare disease known as aplastic anemia, which prevented him from traveling from his home in Kansas City to the A’s ballpark in Oakland.  That’s where Google comes in.

In order to allow Nick LeGrande to throw out the first pitch while compensating for the 1,800 miles that stand between Kansas City and Oakland, Google created a robot that could simulate Nick’s throwing action from Kansas City, while throwing out the first pitch from the mound at the Coliseum.

Below you can watch a video that details how Google Fiber made this first-pitch possible, as well as a clip of Nick LeGrande’s virtual first-pitch:

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