It Was Raining Jerky at a Little League Baseball Game in Nebraska Yesterday (Video)

national jerkey day

So apparently yesterday was National Jerky Day. At least, that’s according to the folks over at Jack Link’s Jerky. And they decided to celebrate the occasion the only way they knew how: by dropping a ton of beef jerky out of a helicopter hovering over a little league baseball game in Nebraska.

Why a little league baseball game and not, say, a Major League Baseball game? That’s a good question. Maybe they have some solid market research that says boys ages 9-12 who play baseball are their biggest customers. Or maybe they approached MLB with the promotion and got rejected. The point is, a bunch of little leaguers and their families got to experience something most of us could only dream about: jerky raining down from the heavens.

Oh, and don’t worry. Each of the thousands of packages of jerky had its own miniature parachute, so nobody sustained any injuries. That would have been a public relations disaster.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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