Dwyane Wade Has Been Shopping in the Ladies’ Department Again

dwyane wade fashion nba finals game 4

Remember last month when Dwyane Wade showed up at the United Center wearing a polka dotted capri pantsuit and loafers?

Yeah, that was pretty amazing. But it turns out that it wasn’t just a one-off situation. Apparently the guy is determined to re-define gender boundaries in the world of high fashion, because last night in San Antonio he was at it again. While Chris Bosh and LeBron James showed up for Game 4 of the NBA Finals looking like they stepped right out of the pages of GQ, D-Wade showed up wearing white capris, a navy-inspired ladies’ blazer, fancy Louboutin loafers, and a bright red “European men’s carry-all.”

In a word, he was stunning.

Here are the “big three” walking into the arena, back-to-back-to-back:

And here’s a nice still image of Dwyane’s ensemble:

dwyane wade fashion nba finals game 4

Simply marvelous. All he’s missing is a pair of earrings and maybe a nice broach.

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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