Spectator at U.S. Open Catches Errant Ball with Bare Hands (Video)

golf spectator catches ball u.s. open

There is certainly no shortage of examples of fans making amazing catches at baseball games. Over the years we’ve seen almost everything, from fans catching balls in their beers, to fans catching balls while holding their kids, to fans catching balls with oversized novelty gloves, to fans making amazing diving grabs on home run balls.

Do you know what there is a shortage of? Examples of fans making great catches at golf tournaments. Oh sure, we’ve got plenty of cases of fans getting hit in the head. That happens all the time. But rarely do we come across a fan with the cajones to reach up and snag a golf ball out of the air.

However, this is exactly what we saw at the U.S. Open yesterday. Lee Westwood’s approach shot on the 6th hole veered off into the grandstand, and rather than cower in fear, one young man just reached out and grabbed it.

Take a look:

What a boss. If you know this kid, give him a pat on the back for me.

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