Tebowie Returns to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Jimmy Fallon Tebowie

I love Tim Tebow. Not as an athlete, but as a phenomenon. I love the fact that some people adore him, and I love the fact that other people despise him. I love the fact that ESPN makes such a big deal about him, and I love how some people are really pissed off by that.

In short, I guess you could say that I find the public fascination with Tebow entertaining. And for that reason, I was a little sad to hear he’d been signed by the Patriots.

You see, as long as people disagree on what Tebow is—a superstar? a no-talent hack?—then Tebowmania lives. However, once everyone is one the same page, Tebowmania dies. And by signing with the Patriots, it seems that even Tebow is kind of resigning himself to the fact that he’s always going to be a backup.

So Tebow going to the Pats may be the beginning of the end of Tebowmania. However, it’s not quite dead yet. There is still time for one last hurrah. And this week, Jimmy Fallon took advantage of this by bringing back one of his best bits: Tebowie.

Take a look:

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