The 9 Players Who Won the NBA Finals MVP Award More than Once

nba finals mvp multiple winners

Even before the 2013 NBA Finals began, people had already narrowed the Finals MVP candidates down to two guys: the Spurs’ Tony Parker and the Heat’s LeBron James. The thinking here was pretty simple: San Antonio doesn’t win if Parker isn’t at his best, and Miami doesn’t win if LeBron isn’t at his best.

Of course, the interesting thing to note here is that, if one of these two does win the Finals MVP Award, he’ll join a very exclusive club: players who have been named NBA Finals MVP more than once. In the 44 years that the award has been handed out, only nine players have won it more than once. Hell, the guy the award is named after, Bill Russell, never won it at all—though in fairness it only existed for the last year of his career.

In any case, it seems likely that we’ll have a new member of the multiple Finals MVP club after this year. But before we get there, lets take a look at the current members of this club to get some historical context, shall we?


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