Mario Balotelli Scores Goal, Tiziano Crudeli Loses His Mind (Video)

crudeli reacts to balotelli goal italy mexico confederations cup

I don’t know who first came up with the idea to put a TV camera on AC Milan play-by-play announcer Tiziano Crudeli, but it really must have been a no-brainer. I don’t think any announcer in sports today gets as worked up and gives as many over-the-top reactions as he does.

Of course, Crudeli’s allegiance first and foremost is to AC Milan. But outside the Serie A season, he is obviously a big fan of Team Italia, too. And since Italy was able to pull off a big victory against Mexico at the Confederations Cup this weekend thanks to none other than Mario Balotelli, we obviously have quite the clip of Tiziano going marbles for you today.

Take a look:

One of these days this dude is just going to have an aneurysm and die right there in the studio. But don’t feel sad. I get the feeling that’s exactly how he’d like to go.

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