Sergio Garcia Heckled at U.S. Open for Racist ‘Fried Chicken’ Remarks Towards Tiger Woods (Video)

sergio garcia u.s. open 2013 heckled

You think sports fans in Philadelphia were going to cut Sergio Garcia a break at the U.S. Open this weekend? Yeah right. These are the same fans who booed a Hooters ball girl for not scooping up a foul ball. And if they can’t handle that, there’s no way they can handle some Spanish golfer who made racist comments about one of America’s greatest athletes ever.

I am referring, of course, to Sergio’s “fried chicken” remarks about Tiger Woods a few weeks back. Apparently the Philadelphia-area golf fans were not impressed with reports of Sergio’s handwritten apology letter to Tiger, so they made sure to let him hear it all weekend.

Though fans made clucking sounds and other various taunts all weekend, the most notable example of fan heckling was probably on Saturday. After Garcia was announced for his tee off on the 11th hole, one spectator yelled, “FRIED CHICKEN!”  And another yelled, “NO JOKE!”

Interestingly, police actually asked Sergio during the tournament if he wanted some of the rowdier spectators removed from the gallery. However, he very wisely declined the offer. Having them kicked out might have helped his golf game, but it certainly wouldn’t have helped his public image. The guy needed to shut up (for once) and take his medicine, and he did—though he did mention that he didn’t think the hecklers were terribly creative. And to that, one could argue that saying he’d have Tiger Woods over for dinner and serve fried chicken wasn’t a very “creative” bit of racism, either.

Hat Tip – [The Guardian]

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