Sports Bling Larceny: 11 Cases of Stolen Championship Rings

stolen championship rings

Did you here the one about Vladimir Putin and how he supposedly stole the Super Bowl XXXIX Championship Ring of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft? Yeah, that was classic—and, also, not a joke. According to Kraft, that’s what really happened. He let Putin put the ring on during a photo op, Putin put it in his pocket, and then he walked away.

If true, this is probably the most badass thing Putin has ever done. Sure, he’s rigged elections and appointed a puppet president from his own party to keep his seat warm while he had the Russian constitution change to allow him to officially become President again. But stealing a $25,000 diamond ring from a rich American industrialist right in plain sight? That takes major Soviet KGB cajones.

Today, in honor of Putin’s legendary (alleged) Super Bowl ring heist, we present you with this list of notable championship ring thefts. They weren’t all carried out by powerful heads of state. In fact, some were probably carried out by housecleaners and golf caddies. But they happened. So take a look.

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