Check Out This Bone-Crushing Hit from a High School Rugby Game in New Zealand (Video + GIF)

bonecrushing blindside rugby hit new zealand high school rugby

While our professional basketball players here in North America are busy flopping around like idiots trying to draw fouls, down in New Zealand, high school rugby players are demonstrating how to play sports like badasses.

The clip we have for you here comes from a recent high school rugby game in Wanganui, New Zealand, between Wanganui Collegiate and St. Paul’s Collegiate. In it, at the 14 second mark, a red-headed kid from Wanganui named Ruslan Casey absolutely obliterates a skinny dark-haired kid from St. Paul’s named Kip Fawcett. In fact, the blindside tackle is so ferocious that, despite the absence of plastic pads and helmets, you can hear it over all the shouting.

Then something incredible happens: Kip Fawcett just gets up. No whining, no complaining to referees, no getting in the other kid’s face. He made himself vulnerable to make a pass that resulted in a try, he took his punishment, and the game went on.

Take a look:

Is it just me, or are New Zealand high schoolers tougher than our NBA players?

In any case, if you’d like to watch this hit again and again and again now that you know the kid is okay, here’s the animated GIF:

epic rugby hit - new zealand high school rugby

Hat Tip – [Big Lead Sports]

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